The web is meant to be read. It doesn't have to be painful.

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Tinderbox delivers the web to your Kindle, exactly how you want it.

Beautifully formatted articles and tailored support for popular websites make reading a joy.



Enjoy reading everything you find on the web, free of ads, popups, and unrelated content. Your Kindle is meant for extended sessions of strain-free reading. It doesn't just have to be for books.


All images found in your articles will be included, so you can read stories the way they were intended.


Tinderbox has tailored support for many popular websites, including Reddit and Twitter. Read comment threads on Reddit and get daily Twitter digests, and more.

One-Tap Sharing

Every article prepared for you by Tinderbox includes links that quickly share your articles with your favorite social networks.

Readified Links

Every link in articles delivered to you by Tinderbox is automatically tailored, so you see the same great presentation even in the Kindle Experimental Browser.


If a site you follow has articles that don't look right, contact us and we'll fix the issue as soon as possible. Suggest new sites for tailoring or improvements to existing sites. We're always listening.

Read the Web

  • Makes any article simple and readable on your Kindle
  • Images in articles are always included
  • Converts any email (including long, forwarded chains) for easy reading
  • Tailored support for sites like Reddit and web forums, so content and comments are beautifully readable
  • All links in articles are processed by Tinderbox, so you can follow the story where it takes you while keeping the web beautifully readable (internet connection required)
  • One-tap sharing allows you to post your articles to your connected social networks
  • Permanent archive of all your articles available on the Tinderbox site


Tinderbox is currently in beta testing.

If you'd like to be a Tinderbox beta tester, please subscribe for updates and we will let you know when a spot opens up. Thank you!